Lavender Field Dinner And Friends

During the long winter months we decided that the time had come to organize a dinner in the lavender field. Well, in this case it was ‘near’ the lavender field. Rather than the usual drinks and snacks or BBQ or the like we decided on a sit-down dinner. We struggle with all the plastic use in the world so a full place setting with China and silverware was on the cards.

Invitations to all the invitees were sent at the beginning of February. The dinner was to be held the week before harvest so that we could all enjoy the spectacle. Surprisingly almost everyone we invited accepted the invitation. We had 40 friends coming. It was on!!

The day arrived and the weather was spectacular! 72F, light breeze, low humidity.

We had devised a menu which was easy to handle so that we could spend more time with friends rather than running around like crazy people. Pasta salad, chicken, salmon and dinner rolls. All cold! For dessert we found the best lavender dessert in the world. Light, not too sweet and very more’ish! Lavender posset. Here is where we got the recipe and some shots of how it looked –

Overall we are not huge fans of a lot of food that contains lavender. The fad is a bit overdone. Lavender salad, lavender ice cream, lavender lamb chops etc. But this dessert was spectacular. And, it needed to be made the day before the dinner which reduced stress. A great end to the meal.

One of the favorite parts of the dinner was having everyone sit by birth DAY. So if someone’s birthday was on the 1st of the month they sat at the front and so it goes until those with birthdays on the 31st at the end. It gets couples moved around to help with conversations. Everyone loved it!

We also had Marianna create a driveway entrance spectacle that would tell people where to park! Everyone had fun with it.

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